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Flange Protection Insulation Gasket Corrosion Resistant

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flange protection insulation gaskets are used for controlling losses due to corrosion.

Tseal insulation gasket uses G10 or G11 epoxy glass as retainer, and use two seal elements overlapping and offsetting into two unique seal grooves, thus, the seal elements can be sealed without outside pressure. This can eliminate potential leak in the laminate material, and increases the choice of seal elements. This kind of sealing gasket not only can use Viton, EPDM, neoprene as seal elements, but also can use Teflon with a spring energized, which can increase the resilience of Teflon and increase the whole gasket’s sealing performance.
Because of Teflon’s excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, springenergized Teflon is the most reliable sealing element, and this kind of sealing gasket is recommended for all environments.

Type E (full face) insulating gasket provides complete protection of both flange faces. The gasket has same outside diameter of flanges. This feature will prevent collection of foreign matter between the flange faces to ensure complete cathodic isolation.
Type F (ring gasket) insulating gasket is manufactured to fit only the raised face surface of the flanges. Outside diameter of the gasket is designed to be slightly less than the inside diameter of the bolt circle. It is recommended that the flanges be wrapped to prevent foreign material from "shorting out" the flanges.

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